anna rabinowitz




Unarmed, unwarned


must she yield—

                                                                                                  must she stop—


a gasp           alas

           aghast            perhaps


expecting this—


                                                                                                  (whose greeting sneaks

            into her peace?)


at this moment


                                                                                  sundering syllables right

from his heart



                                                                                     Hail thou that art highly favored




just like that he arrives—



                                            in to her —

                                                                                        unto her  —              in



barges in

             just like that


        comes in and then—


              and now—

                                                                                                         how can she duck


out of this—


                alone—                 afraid—

                                                                                                         poor duck

out of water

                                       not yet known by man


                                                                                            forced here to stop—



(squalls in her breast

                                                                                            sudden twitches in


her groin—)


                            (shall she bend to smell the lily—

                                                                                                                                or sneak

another peek at her book—?)


                                                                                                            IF I AM FAVORED

                       LET ME FINISH THIS BOOK—


                                                                                                                       (or bolt right


out of this place—

                                                                                                                or look him right

in the eye)


                                                                                            Listen, you uninvited duck

winging in this way—


                                                                                                                     if I am favored

leave me be

                               —I’ve got things to do around the house

                                                                                                                      let’s put a stop

              to this plot


                                              sweat beads in her crotch


down her thighs—


               why me—             why me                                                                what’s in


this for me—


                                                                                             (elsewhere nails drive in—)


(coo to her         do to her                     do with her—)


                                                                                          do by her—


by her—


                                    do not toy with her—


                                                                                                                    (must he sneak

in on her between breakfast and lunch—)

                                                                                                                              poor duck

plucked from—


                       sucked from—


                                                                            (what dreams hammer to a stop—?)


                                                     it is with great pleasure I tell thee thou art favored



          (the looked-up-to turns away—)


                                                                                                                 favored, favored

for what—


                                                                               (wanting to flee but leaning in—)


Mary                  Mary

                                          not contrary


                                                                             at Gethsemane your garden stops—


with cocky swells and modest belles—

                                                              what a fine crop—



green are the grasses of grief—



                                                                                  out in the yard a red-billed duck

takes off for the lake—


                          as in there was an opening down the road—

                                                                                                                                a sneak



                  preview of the way which is not home

                                                                                                                that sneaks

into the scene

                               out of the distance—

                                                                                                                  terrain favored


with going on—


                         because of must

                                                      because of be


                                                                                                       because nobody ducks

out of this Baby—



                                                                                 Mary it’s your chance to step in—


for the good of—

                                  the need of—

                                                                                  (might even be fun—— right—?)





                                                                                               oh finest fruit at full STOP

in the enactment STOP


                                        this unraveling STOP


                                                                                                           as it sneaks STOP in


through your favorite door STOP


                                                                      raining harder now STOP so duck right


down STOP (or out) STOP


                                                                  duck if you can STOP but you can’t STOP


                                         now he’s come